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South Dakota Debt Buyers

DebtSellers.US has established itself as a South Dakota debt seller offering many different types of debt for sale including South Dakota bank card (credit cards), South Dakota loans, South Dakota consumer debt and South Dakota checks. We have premium South Dakota debt portfolios for sale that have been purchased directly from major credit card companies, retailers and lending institutions across the country. We have 2nd placement and out of stat South Dakota debt portfolios available too!

DebtSellers.US was established in 2003 by two highly seasoned Collection Industry professionals with over 60 years of experience. They sought to bring the debt buyers and debt sellers market to the forefront on the world wide web. DebtSellers.US is proud to say we have done just that!

We focus primarily on debt portfolios that originate directly from the creditors and usually have not yet been worked by 3rd party South Dakota collection agencies or South Dakota collection attorneys. All of our South Dakota paper is fresh, high quality and ready for purchase. Whether this is your first purchase of South Dakota receivables or you are an old pro at buying South Dakota debt for sale, DebtSellers.US is prepared to assist you in any way that we possibly can. We can send you spreadsheets of any of our South Dakota portfolios and all media associated with the portfolios that you are interested in. 

Whether you are a South Dakota debt buyer, South Dakota collection agency or a South Dakota collection attorney, DebtSellers.US has what you are looking for!  We cover all of South Dakota.

Contact us today at 1-800-648-1914 toll free and let's get things rolling. We have billions of dollars in debt portfolios available for sale nationwide.

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