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Portfolios For Sale

DebtSellers.US clients have a cache of over 4 billion dollars in debt available for sale at all times. With the number of portfolios available to us, we have found it quite difficult in listing and maintaining the portfolios for the website. We ask that you please contact our corporate office at 800-648-1914 and we will inform you of the different types of debt for sale and the characteristics of the different portfolios we have at our disposal once we have ascertained the type of portfolio that interests you the most. Please contact Robert Pinchuck at 800-648-1914 for the freshest portfolios available for sale in the U.S.

At DebtSellers.US, we are always interested in speaking with you about purchasing debt. Please phone us toll free at 1-800-648-1914 or email us at info@debtsellers.us at your earliest convenience.  We only sell top quality prime paper and are looking forward to speaking with you about the portfolios we have available for sale.

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