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Our Mission

DebtSellers.US is a national debt seller providing debt buyers throughout the nation with receivable portfolios for purchase. Our goal is to provide all debt buyers with only premium debt for sale that comes directly from the creditors and banks of the United States, usually without 3rd party collection intervention. We have billions of dollars in bank card receivables, loans, checks and creditor debt for sale with an emphasis placed on litigation ready receivables. 

Our staff can provide all the media necessary for you to make an informed decision on the receivables that interest you the most. As we deal with huge amounts of debt of many various types, we do not have the time nor the energy to display the portfolios on our website, as they change from day to day. If you are interested in reviewing some portfolios, please click here and fill out our short buyers request form. Once you submit the request form to our office, one of our representatives will contact you with the portfolios that best match the criteria that you entered in the form.

At DebtSellers.US, we are always interested in speaking with you about purchasing debt. Please phone us toll free at 1-800-648-1914 or email us at info@debtsellers.us at your earliest convenience.  We only sell top quality prime paper and are looking forward to speaking with you about the portfolios we have available for sale.

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